All Set for Retirement? Here’s How to Decorate Your Home

October 31, 2014 at 11:17 am

seniorhousepaintFinally, you have reached the age of retirement. All those years of hard work have paid off.You spent eight hours in your cubicle every single business day, dreaming of this. Now here it is – and you can rejoice at last!

It’s not unheard of for some seniors to want to downsize to a smaller space, such as a condominium. After all, a big suburban house may seem lonely if you’re alone. Some may want (or need) to move to retirement homes. There are several reasons why seniors feel the need to move and some of these reasons are elaborated in this article. It may be scary to depart from a place you’ve been familiar with most of your adult life. But the prospect of redecorating a home may be enough to induce excitement to any retiree.


Here are some tips that can help you as you decorate your home in celebration of your retirement:


1. Note which items to keep

Moving into a new house can be like meeting with a strange new friend. You will be more comfortable the more similar your new place is to your previous home. You can bring some of your favorite items with you. Though huge furniture, like a dresser, may not be practical to keep, others like your favorite cushion or seat, will be a great addition to your new home. Change doesn’t have to be drastic.


2.Plan and measure

A trip to the new home will help you know how to decorate the whole space. This decoration will not be like when you bought a house when you were younger – there is now the consideration of your age and physical strength. Measure the space properly so you know the sizes of the items you can put in the house.


3.List down which you should buy

Just because you moved to a more compact space doesn’t mean you can’t buy more furniture. It’s just the opposite – since you need those smaller in size, you have to get new ones. Note which items are already in the home and those that you do not need to buy again. This page offers sound advice on what kind of furniture are best fit for seniors.


4. Select a theme

It doesn’t matter how lovely every single piece of furniture is; if they don’t all match together, it will not look pleasing to the eyes. Follow a unifying theme. You can even have different ones for each room if you like.

You can work with a single color palette or have a single centerpiece to work around. Just remember that it’s your taste that prevails – if you don’t like the item (even though it matches the theme), then don’t buy it.


5. Give it your own personal touch

Your retirement home may be the last place you’ll live at, so do your best. Get new curtains to brighten up the place and dust the rooms to make it clean. Don’t be afraid to try new ideas you haven’t done before! Simple changes can make the best difference. You’ll be proud when you see all your hard work reflect the true design that you wanted in the first place.


Change doesn’t always have to be difficult. Turning a house into a home is always fun. What would make it more enjoyable is if you do it with your friends! Call them using any of the free cell phones for seniors you can get here. Consult your friends and relatives about decisions to make in the house and ask the decorations you’d like to put.

6 Ways to add Flare to Your Home

September 3, 2014 at 5:55 pm

When was the last time you had a home makeover? Perhaps it has been a while because you are too busy, or you have a limited budget and other expenses to prioritize at the moment. You are probably hesitating to start a home redesign or redecoration project because of the costs, especially if your furniture items need updating, or if there are renovations that need to be done. Also, there will be costs related to hiring a professional interior designer or construction team.

But a home update does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. If you do not have the resources for a full-blown home redesign at this time, do not be discouraged or think that you will just have to do with the bland, boring state your home interior might be in at the moment. Using your creativity and resourcefulness, there are some simple, easy-to-do and cost-effective updates you can look into applying to your home.

Dining room walls painted Red for a pop!Repaint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your home interior. Paint is also realtively affordable and readily accessible. What items or parts of your home could use a fresh paint job? You can freshen up the interior by repainting the walls with a bright pastel color. Or perhaps your wooden counters or furniture items can be repainted a different hue. You don’t even have to hire professional labor for this, as paint jobs can be easily accomplished by you and your family.


Organization of stairs, closets and entry ways in your home.Reorganize

Think of some simple ways you can reorganize areas in your home to free up space or for greater efficiency. There may be unnecessary furniture you can move from your living room to your outdoor patio where they will have actual use. Or you can position couches so they foster better conversations rather than using the TV as the focal point  You will be surprised at how a reorganization can bring about other changes.


Quirky Lamp Shade IdeasExperiment

If most of your current décor leans towards modern or minimalist, add in some quirky or seemingly unrelated décor for variety. Hit up local antique stores and look for inexpensive but flashy décor and items such as retro lampshades, picture frams, or sculpture. These out-of-place items, when displayed correctly, can instantly change the focal point of a room, adding variety to the space.

Re-use Clear bottles

For your bathroom, consider buying inexpensive but elegant-looking bottles and dispensers for your bathroom and personal products such as hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and others. When you transfer these products to the clear bottles, you will immediately see how the bathroom looks less cluttered and busy. Also, when you have guests over, they will not have to see the labels and products you use (some of us are bothered by this).\

Light Up for Less

Consider switching to LED light fixtures if you haven’t done so yet. LED lights are brighter and also more energy efficient. You can also look at affordable but decorative light fixtures and lamps for your indoor space. They can add character and personality while also contributing light to the rooms.

Brand new window treatments installed in the living room.Window treatments 

New curtains, shades, drapes, and other window treatments are relatively affordable, easy to install, and dramatically change the indoor space. You can select window dressings that either add more light and air to the room, or more privacy and less light if that is what you prefer. Aside from the usual colors, experiment with less common shades and hues and see how they blend with the character of the room.

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