The Perfect Christmas Gifts for Girls of All Ages

September 20, 2014 at 9:57 am

giftsgirls1Who doesn’t love Christmas gift exchanges? Sure you have to spend a couple of bucks at the end of the year to prove that you care, add that with the pressure to get the perfect gift to prove that you know what they like, then you have to hunt several stores to get that precise gift, to prove that they’re worth the effort. How fun, right?

Kidding aside, gift exchanges are fun when you’re on the receiving end, but may prove to be quite a challenge when you have to give someone who might not even be sure what she wants. If you find yourself at a loss for possible gift ideas, here are some classic gifts that all girls ages 3-93 will appreciate:


1. Clothes and Shoes
These are gifts that would be perfect if you know the woman you’re giving them to. Chosen right, the receiver would be appreciative and would remember you every time she wears it. As an added bonus, if it’s a great gift, when someone compliments her outfit, she’ll surely point you as the gift giver, announcing your good taste to the world. However if you give her the wrong apparel, such as the iffy color or the incorrect size, it will end up at the back of the cabinet, never to be brought up again.

2. Jewelry
Almost all females love jewelry; it’s just a matter of finding the right one that suits their taste. Shiny objects never lose their appeal to the feminine gender. Headbands with glittered ribbons, as well as age appropriate necklaces and bracelets make very cute gifts for your little girl. For your woman, jewelry with the right bling is the right way to go.

3. Gadgets
What could be trendier than giving your loved one a stylish gadget? Laptops are all-purpose devices she can use for school or work stuff. You can choose among hundreds of available tablets for women who need something portable. If your girl loves her tunes, a music-player is the best way to keep her groove on. A smartphone is also a great present whatever age your girl is. She can use this for telecommunication and she can do all sorts of activities in the apps available.

4. Food
They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the same apply to some women as well. It may be not be the typical roast that she can cook for you, but there are available cakes and sweets with adorable designs that can be enjoyed by females young and old alike.

5. Arts and Crafts
Some women like arts and crafts, so creative materials will make them happy. Picture frames, scrapbooks, and small decors will be great presents. If you have time, the best present for artsy women is a personalized item that you did yourself. She will surely treasure any gift that you made especially for her.

6. Coupons
So what if you know what category of item to give her, but don’t know which exactly to get? Simple – give her coupons. Buy from her favorite store or brand and let her have a shopping spree as your treat. There are a lot of coupons available for women and girls, such as the discount coupons from the American Girl Coupons page which you can get online for a great deal. This way, you can let them pick their own gift, and acknowledge it as something that came from you.

Of course the best way to actually give a gift is to observe how your loved one spends most of her time, and listen to what she likes to talk about. Not everything on the list is something that she’ll appreciate, but with a little research, you’ll end up with a great gift she’ll love.