About Natalie and Her Design Ideas



I would like to give a little twist of positivity to the truth which the groundbreaking writer, designer and illustrator Frank Chimero so effectively stated about design:

People love design that loves people

A lot of interior designers would take this as something similar to “form follows function” mindset, a preference for practical application over aesthetics. If I’d be forced to choose between the two, I would certainly go for practical application over aesthetics. However, if you really think long and hard about it, the statement doesn’t have any intention to get involved in the form versus function argument. People love beautiful and functional design and my own experience with interior design has validated my belief that the key to a great design is the balance between the two.

People love design that loves people

Because after all,

Interior Design should work for people.

I am Natalie Umbert, a writer and an interior designer whose years of experience made strong my personal and professional conviction that Interior Design should be brought to a level where it can relate to people, and vice versa.

I created this blog for that very purpose.